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I'm a late 20s molecular biologist trying to get a grip on adulthood and the science industry. With a drink in hand, of course.

I... hail from Appalachian Virginia, drink wine, take ridiculous pictures of my dog, travel a good bit for work, geek out over science, plan #DCSciTweetUp, enjoy photography, hate on anti-vaxers, adore my awesome family, live with a former Navy man (J) that I love very much, shop too much on the internet, often make messes when attempting DIY projects, and share ridiculousness from my weekend retail job.

This is my life. Enjoy!

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Vanilla Chai Muffins

You empty the tea bag IN the batter…speechless.

I want one. Right now.

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    What?? I’m done. Too amazing
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    Reblogging bc I must make these one day.
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    Vanilla Chai Muffins Well these look nothing short of fantastic.
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    YESSSSS… eat all the food?!! :)
  9. anniehinton said: I went to the spice house and bought chai seasonings to add to tea/baked goods, I should use this recipe for it, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Pointless repliessssss
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    I want one. Right now.
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