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I'm a late 20s molecular biologist trying to get a grip on adulthood and the science industry. With a drink in hand, of course.

I... hail from Appalachian Virginia, drink wine, take ridiculous pictures of my dog, travel a good bit for work, geek out over science, plan #DCSciTweetUp, enjoy photography, hate on anti-vaxers, adore my awesome family, live with a former Navy man (J) that I love very much, shop too much on the internet, often make messes when attempting DIY projects, and share ridiculousness from my weekend retail job.

This is my life. Enjoy!

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People are crazy. And It’s hilarious.

Something about vermin makes my normally calm father a bit nutty. It brings out the red on his neck a bit. Over Easter weekend, the enemy was the moles in his flowerbed.

I’m now aware that it’s spelled varmints. In my text to my sister I was just sounding it out. Apparently it’s a real word!

This 4 day weekend was for:

-Drinks and most importantly quality time with my family
-Spring blossoms
-A much needed haircut
-Finding an awesome coffee table (crossing fingers that my parents can pick it up later this week)
-Gorgeous driving weather
-A healthy Sirius despite some expensive vet bills
-Surprising friends by dropping by a show
-Nats & Angels baseball with J

Happy Easter! Day 17 #100happydays (at Salem, Virginia)

This chair comes with a dog extension. #Sirius #sheltie #dogsofinstagram

Adult cherry limeade with the Caldwell girls. (at Cheddar’s)


credit: Clairebeer 

Two fold dilutions are exactly what this reminded me of!

Day 16: 3 new #DCSciTweetup events posted! #100happydays

Sirius is having his teeth cleaned today. They have to pull two dead teeth- they appear to be baby teeth that never fell out correctly, so hopefully the adult teeth will come in okay. Oh, and he has some mouth mass that they have to remove & biopsy. Sigh. Hopefully it’s all okay.¬†

Bye bye $500. I’m not moving in a few weeks or anything.