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vegan food is the cheapest food on earth. corn, rice, potatoes, and legumes are the cheapest foods available. claiming it's difficult to get protein on a vegan diet really shows how little you know about nutrition.
sciencingsara sciencingsara Said:

Let me start by saying that I have vegan friends and I 100% respect their decision to live their life how they’d like to. I try to be considerate of their preferences when it comes to restaurants, cooking, and what not. I’m totally fine with that. If I’m bringing something to a group event for example, I pay attention to what I put in things so I can let them know if I used any animal products.

What bothers me is how a number of people that choose specialty diets (and I’m not saying veganism is “just a diet” here like a choice to lose weight, I mean diet as in what you choose to consume, different food preferences, etc.) judge those of us who don’t make those choices. It’s not just vegan eating choices- it’s the paleo diets, whatever “clean eating” means, gluten free (when they actually don’t need gluten free), and what not. So many people feel the need to be up on their high horses about food and what others choose to eat. I’m tired of the “holier than thou” attitudes.

I know enough about different proteins to know that in order to eat correctly on a vegan diet you need to do a good amount of research. A lot of people that claim a vegan lifestyle don’t completely research it or replace things adequately. B12 deficiency is a great example. It’s something that you have to take a supplement for to get outside of animal sources. It isn’t safe to start a lifestyle without considering the consequences. Lots of people don’t want to do it. Or they don’t have time. I’m tired of the snobbery about food.

I know I’ll catch flack for this, but I’m also not sorry about my tone about living vegan/paleo/whatever being a privilege. Most working class Americans can’t afford to feed a family correctly on any of these restrictions. Or if they do, they will sacrifice a lot to do so. It’s a privilege to make that choice. Realistically, a lot of people can’t make that choice for various reasons. They don’t deserve condescending attitudes or judgement for it.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Please learn the difference between veganism, which is a philosophy and ethical stance, and diets. Please stop referring to your diet as a personal choice when thousands of sentient beings are involved. Please stop implying you have to be rich to be vegan, as you are erasing the many thousands of vegans living in poverty.
sciencingsara sciencingsara Said:

Let’s be honest though- most of the vegans in this country that love to be condescending about others’ lifestyle choices are privileged. Also, I never meant that veganism was ‘just a diet’ i.e. a choice you make lightly. I was referring to ‘your diet’ as in, what food you choose to put in your body. For the majority of vegans in the US, they get to choose that lifestyle for themselves and maintain the right balance of nutrients. Let’s be honest here- most working class families can not do that without sacrificing a lot. I come from an area where people struggle to afford dental care- let’s not get into what it would cost for them to feed their kids an appropriate vegan diet.

Anyway, to sum up- I’m tired of privileged American vegans judging other Americans for what they eat. I’m not just picking on vegans here either- the paleo stuff, ‘clean eating’, gluten free, and what not bug me as well. Often I don’t like it because they back up their reasoning with pseudo science as well.  It’s very annoying for someone like me who is a live-and-let-live liberal. I’m all about people making their own choices and having the right to do so. 

People in other countries that eat vegan in poverty often aren’t making a lot of their own choices either. So I’m not a fan of that. My post was bitching about privileged Americans that think it would be simple for everyone to live vegan/eat paleo/consume organic only/etc and judge those who don’t make the same choice.

I have to say, I’m on board with most of this. I can’t remember the last time I bought pantyhose or a hair product that isn’t shampoo/conditioner.