Geeking & drinking

I'm a late 20s molecular biologist trying to get a grip on adulthood and the science industry. With a drink in hand, of course.

I... hail from Appalachian Virginia, drink wine, take ridiculous pictures of my dog, travel a good bit for work, geek out over science, plan #DCSciTweetUp, enjoy photography, hate on anti-vaxers, adore my awesome family, live with a former Navy man (J) that I love very much, shop too much on the internet, often make messes when attempting DIY projects, and share ridiculousness from my weekend retail job.

This is my life. Enjoy!

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Look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man, and work like a dog.
-Caroline K. Simon

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Getting in my veggies for the day. (at Weathervane at Southern Season)

I lost some hair today. (at Maude Salon)

Important things- science and making the perfect chocolate chip cookie to fit your tastes. Found on


Hot stuff at my desk over here.

Though, the brunch answer applies to everyone. Is brunch ever not awesome? 

Interesting map about how far $100 gets you in each state & DC.