Geeking & drinking

I'm a late 20s molecular biologist trying to get a grip on adulthood and the science industry. With a drink in hand, of course.

I... hail from Appalachian Virginia, drink wine, take ridiculous pictures of my dog, travel a good bit for work, geek out over science, plan #DCSciTweetUp, enjoy photography, hate on anti-vaxers, adore my awesome family, live with a former Navy man (J) that I love very much, shop too much on the internet, often make messes when attempting DIY projects, and share ridiculousness from my weekend retail job.

This is my life. Enjoy!

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Hello folks! It’s officially my second day of work at my new job. Meaning, you know significantly less broke-ness (you know, existence of being constantly broke), fewer stupid online applications, and oh yeah…NOT BEING IN MY APARTMENT CONSTANTLY. I mean, yes, it’s a nice place. I think I was starting to wear paths into the carpet. I’ve been bummed and haven’t had a lot to say, so sadly I haven’t been around much. Today that changes. Life review in a few words and gifs:

Got a job. Woot! Officially contracting for $$

Said job pays more than old job. Commute is 15 mins.

New job lets me download gifs and doesn’t block Tumblr at work.

Beautiful view! (at Hillsborough Winery)

It’s a dog day for wine! #makeminevawine (at 868 Estate Vineyards)

Hat, freckles, sunglasses. #OBX (at Outer Banks North Carolina)

Wild horses #OBX (at Corova, NC)

Beach 4 wheelin’ #OBX (at Corova, NC)

And palm trees #OBX (at Duck, NC)

And sunset… #nofilter #OBX (at Sunset Grille - Duck, NC)

Great dinner view! (at Sunset Grille - Duck, NC)

Enjoying a lovely evening. Happy 4th! (at Iwo Jima Memorial)